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Peoples Climate Movement

April 29 in Wash, DC

The Peoples Climate March in DC is coming April 29. We have volunteers working on transportation, art and signs, info events, bus captains and more.

We have dozens of buses headed for DC leaving from: Philadelphia, Eastwick, West Chester, Broomall, Doylestown, Abington, Malvern, King of Prussia, Pottstown, Washington's Crossing. Rally Bus is handling our bus logistics, but we have a number of seats reserved for Sierra Club members and volunteers. And we are selling them for below Rally Bus prices.

Check out our Local PCM Info Page for details on: Transportation, Promotional Events, Group Art Builds, Outreach Events and more.

Methane Leaks in Philadelphia

Watch a short video about a project that is getting started to measure the amount and location of methane leaks in the city of Philadelphia. A similar project was organized in Boston a few years ago to much acclaim.

Video HERE - thanks to Bob Silverman for bringing this opportunity to our attention.

Making a statement at Penns Landing

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Group (SPG), a member of Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club, is focused on the environmental issues facing the greater Philadelphia area. Our Sierra Club volunteers from Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks counties are working together to maintain and improve the natural resources of the area and protect it for generations to come. Our mission: Explore, Enjoy and Protect the Planet, is the root of every project we undertake.

SPG Executive Committee meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:15pm at City CoHo at 2401 Walnut St in Philadelphia, 6:15pm. The entrance is on the parking lot side of the building - at the end of Sansom St.

Members and non-members of the Sierra Club are welcome. To join the meeting by phone, call 866-501-6174, then enter the code 100 4 100#

Please send an email to jim.wylie@verizon.net if you have questions or suggestions about this website.

Volunteers Wanted

Sad/Confused About The Election? - Organize!

Want to do something constructive to counteract a possible change in direction wrt environmental protection and clean energy transition in Washington? Volunteer with your local Sierra Club.

We have a number of "hot" projects looking for help:

If you want to join the fun and make a difference, go to the Volunteer Page - find a committee or team that matches your interests, or contact Jim at jim.wylie@verizon.net with questions.

SPG Sub-group pages:

Click on the sections below to see what SPG has been up to, what we plan to do this year and info on how you can get involved.

Ready For 100 % Renewables

Champion: Jim Wylie

The goal of the Ready For 100% Renewable Energy Campaign is to have our cities and towns make a pledge to complete the transition to 100% renewable energy by ... some date. Set the target based on the need. We (the planet) needs to get to carbon neutrality (or close to it) by mid-century or risk catostrophic impacts of climate change. Most cities are pledging to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2035 or sooner and 100% of all energy (elec, trans, heat) by 2050. It's what we need to do.

More Info HERE

Oil Trains

Leader: Peggy Hartzell

Outline: A U.S. federal court has ordered a halt in proceedings until May in a case centering around oil-by-rail tankers pitting the Sierra Club and ForestEthics against the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). As a result, potentially explosive DOT-111 oil tank cars, dubbed "bomb trains" by activists, can continue to roll through towns and cities across the U.S. indefinitely. DESMOGBLOG.com

Learn more at the BOMB TRAINS Cmte Page

Suggested Actions: document the Bakken oil trains stressing local infrastructure - increased risk of catastrophe in populated area

Elcon Hazmat Recycling Plant

Bucks Co
Champion: Open

Israeli-based Elcon Recycling Services has submitted an application to the DEP with the intention of building a hazardous waste treatment facility in Bucks Co. using the former US Steel Site in Morrisville, PA, directly across the Del Rvr from Trenton. The facility will treat ~210K tons of raw liquid waste and return usable clean water, removing mercury, cadmium, and lead (etc). This new proposal is unrelated to last year's Bristol plant proposal.

At risk is the Delaware River which is < 0.5mi from the proposed site. There is incineration involved in the process which is expected to produce > 39 tons of emmissions annually (including NOx, NH3, HCl, VOC, SOx). This is expected to drift and settle amongst the surrounding highly populated areas as well as into the Delaware River. Inquirer story about Feb 23, 2016 hearing.

Pipelines & Pumping Stations

Leader: Bernie Greenberg

Outline: New Chester County Pipelines. Though there are already many pipelines in Chester County, controversial modifications of an old pipeline and an entirely new pipeline have been proposed by Sunoco Logistics. Mariner East I went into operation in 1932 to transport petroleum products from Marcus Hook. This 83 year old pipeline which runs through several townships in Chester County will be repurposed to carry natural gas liquids, mainly ethane and propane, from Marcellus Shale to their Marcus Hook refinery. This pipeline is to transport 70,00 barrels/day of gas liquids in their existing 8" and 12" pipes. It has been estimated that over 90% of the processed natural gas would be shipped overseas. Eighteen new pumping stations with 34 foot flare stacks will need to be built. Mariner East II is a new 16" to 24" pipeline planned by Sunoco to follow the right-of-way of Mariner I East. It should be noted that natural gas liquids are more combustible and because they are odorless, leak detection is more difficult.

The Sierra Club will work to ensure that our community's health and environment are protected in the planning, regulation, and implementation of any new pipelines.

Also see the SPG Pipeline Conservation Committee Page

Suggested Investigations: Emergency preparedness, are some pipeline proposals better than others?, allied groups, allied legislators

Zero Waste Experiment

Leader: Eva Wylie

Outline: Can the Wylie household produce zero landfill waste in a month?

Is it impossible to have even a week when the trash doesn't get put out for pickup? Sure, we all recycle what we can, we may even try to reduce our waste by making smart purchases and clever re-use. But really? NO TRASH?!! Join me in my pursuit of an empty trash can. We'll discuss the Wylie household adventure as well as my discoveries and other ideas for becoming waste-free.

To add to the conversation, bring an example of your most common form of waste (nothing smelly please) and we will discuss possible alternatives to trashing it.

NEW - Zero Waste Experiment Blog

Americas Red Rock Wilderness Act (ARRWA)

Southeastern PA Region
Champion: Prasad Ramnath

ARRWA is an act to declare parts of Redrock country in Utah as Wilderness. This act has been around for a while but has never come to the floor for a vote. To get it to the floor there needs to be enough congressmen willing to cosponsor it. Lobby area congressmen to cosponsor ARRWA. We were able to get Congressman Patrick Murphy in Bucks County to cosponsor two years ago. We need to continue the work with current Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and other area congressmen.

Gas and Oil drilling is a risk in this region as well. Addtionally dust from the disturbance has increased snowmelt resulting in dry rivers once all teh snow has melted in early spring.

Learn more at he ARRWA committee page HERE.


Leaders: Susan Charkes, Jim Wylie

Outline: Chester County residents depend on conventional cars to get around. For example, over 80% of residents' work trips are in single-occupant vehicles. [chesco.org] This reliance on conventional gas-powered vehicles contributes significantly to air and water pollution, traffic congestion, sprawl, climate change, impaired physical and mental health and the illusion that we need more highway lanes.

There is a better way - in fact, there are many better ways. We will explore, educate and advocate for increased use in Chester County of multiple alternative and supplemental transportation modes such as bicycles, electric cars and light rail, and we will encourage ridesharing and continued expansion of pedestrian and bike trail networks as well as public transit routes.

Suggested Actions: panel discussion on status/challenges of public trans (train, bus, shuttle), where does the money go: highways

Urban Air Quality

Champion: Cinzia Sevignani

Our primary concern with air quality is PM (Particle Matters) in center city. The major source of PM in center city are automobiles. Those particles can accumulate a few feet from the grounds so children and people who commute by bicycle would be particularly vulnerable to the dangers of PM.

Particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter; and "fine particles" (such as those found in smoke and haze), which are 2.5 micrometers in diameter and smaller are linked to health issues, including lung cancer (see EPA and State Of The Air reports).

Read more and volunteer on the Air Quality Committee page

Residential Energy Efficiency

Champion: Robin Mann, John Butler

Address the set of barriers including lack of financing and standards undermining Philadelphia's ability to meet ambitous residential energy efficiency goals. Promote Philadelphia progress on EE as helping meet overall Clean Power Plan goals

At risk is falling further behind the Greenworks goals for EE. Failing to stimulate local investment in EE, local industry and clean energy job creation, and spreading the benefits of EE to moderate income households.

Go To Energy Efficiency Committee Page.

Open Space & Stormwater Mgmnt

Delaware County
Champion: open

Can we take a stand on development of approx. 230 acres in Marple Twp near Darby Creek that could add to flooding down stream? There is an offer to do an enviremental study which has not been approved by the township or the church.

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