November 2016 General Election

US House distric map

    1 Bob Brady
    8 Steve Santarsiero
    13 Brendan Boyle
    16 Christina Hartman

The Sierra Club is endorsing the following to the state legislature:

State Senate district map

    7 Vincent Hughes
    9 Marty Molloy
    17 Daylin Leach
    19 Andy Dinniman

State House district map

    31 Perry Warren, open seat
    70 Matt Bradford incumbent
    140 John Galloway incumbent
    141 Tina Davis incumbent
    145 Vera Cole, challenger
    146 Joe Ciresi challenger
    147 Rachel Hendricks challenger
    148 Mary Jo Daley incumbent
    149 Tim Briggs incumbent
    150 Linda Weaver open seat
    154 Steve McCarter incumbent
    156 Carolyn Comitta challenger
    158 Susan Rzucidlo open seat
    161 Leanne Krueger incumbent
    162 Jim Butt challenger
    163 Barbarann Keffer challenger
    165 Elaine Schaefer open seat
    166 Greg Vitali incumbent
    170 Matt Darragh challenger
    177 Joe Hohenstein challenger
    175 Mike O'Brien incumbent
    185 Maria Donatucci incumbent
    188 Jim Roebuck incumbent
    194 Pam Delissio incumbent
    195 Donna Bullock incumbent
    198 Rosita Youngblood incumbent

Current list of candidates endorsed by the Pennsylvania Chapter, including candidates for US offices, can be found HERE.