Energy Efficiency

Save Energy, Save Money, Save Our Planet

Champion: John Butler

Address the set of barriers including lack of financing and standards undermining Philadelphia's ability to meet ambitous residential energy efficiency goals. Promote Philadelphia progress on EE as helping meet overall Clean Power Plan goals

We plan to support the Philadelphia Energy Authority's (aka ECA) goals for EE and stimulate local investment in EE, local industry and clean energy job creation, and spread the benefits of EE to moderate income households.

Sierra Club's position: Energy efficiency using improved technology and operations to deliver the same energy services with less fuel is the foundation on which all of our other recommendations are based. The efficiency programs outlined below can be implemented now and make a substantial, immediate contribution to reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, they can save money and provide high-quality jobs. Programs already exist in some states, but they must be expanded without delay.

Review the Philadelphia Energy Authority's recommendations for unleashing the power of energy efficiency HERE.

Strategy, Tactics: Partner w/ businesses and labor groups, Promote new rules/regs, Defend and promote existing good rules/regs w/ L&I, PECO, PGW, Mayor and Council.

Resources: SC Energy Resources.

Partners: Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA).