Americas Red Rock

Wilderness Act

(ARRWA) Committee

Lobby for the passage of the ARRWA

Champion: Prasad Ramnath

Americas Red Rock Wilderness Act or ARRWA is an act of Congress to declare parts of Redrock country in Utah as Wilderness. This act was conceived in 1985 but has never come to the floor for a vote. To get it to the floor there needs to be enough Congressmen willing to cosponsor it.

This area is incredibly beautiful and pristine and mostly managed by the Federal Government through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Deserts by their nature are very fragile and there is significant damage from off-road vehicles. Gas and Oil drilling is a risk in this region as well. Additionally dust from soil disturbance eventually makes its way to the Rockies and has increased snowmelt resulting in dry rivers once all the snow has melted in early spring.

The goal of this Conservation Committee would be

  1. Lobby area Congressmen to cosponsor ARRWA. We were able to get Congressman Patrick Murphy in Bucks County to cosponsor two years ago. We need to continue the work with current Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and other area Congressmen.
  2. Educate the membership on how Wilderness is created in general and about ARRWA in particular

Sierra Club Position: Wilderness Management

Strategy, Tactics: Keep SC informed on politics, Letters to officials, Meet officials, Support events, Push SC to support more, Host SUWA and Wilderness presentations, Signature gathering.


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